BMW E39 Android

BMW E39 Android

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5 Series E39 1997 - 2003 New Android 10.0 Multimedia for BMW Car Models!

With the help of this multimedia, you will be able to significantly increase the functionality of your car, sound quality, download and use applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps, Waze, Google Chrome or any other app from the Google Play Store without any interruptions!

- 2 GB RAM
- 16 GB Read Only Memory (ROM)
- 4-core processor
- 7-inch high-resolution touch IPS screen
- Screen resolution - HD (1024 x 600)
- WIFI support
- Rear and front camera support
- Parking sensor support
- Bluetooth function!
- Micro SD
- GPS antenna, possibility to use navigation without internet connection
- Mirror Link (you can play the image from your phone on the screen) supports Android and iOS devices
- Handsfree function
- Control from the steering wheel (CANBUS), buttons or display.
- Language selection

- Possibility to change the color of the button illumination!

+ 4 G LTE (Possibility to insert a SIM card by ordering an additional adapter)

You can pick up the product in Vilnius, or we can ship it to any other place on planet earth.